With over 30 years of experience, Affordable Pools can handle all of your backyard needs.

Monthly Pool Service

We provide weekly residential or commercial pool and spa service to keep your pool or spa crystal clear and ready to swim

Acid Washes

Is your pool plaster stained, scaled or rough? Call today fora free acid wash estimate to beautify your pools surface without replastering.

Custom Pool Building and Remodeling

Is your pool looking old and dated? We can fix it! From pebble to quartz to colored plaster, the options are endless. Call today so we can help you design and build your dream backyard.


Do you see water leaking by your equipment? Is your motor pump loud? Do you need new equipment? We can help. We offer a full line of equipment and parts for both repair  and replacement of your existing equipment. Call us today for more information.


Would you like to be able to control your equipment from your smart phone? Now you can! Automation can be added to your equipment to allow complete control from anywhere you are connected to wifi. Call today for a free estimate!


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Free In-Store Water Testing

Having trouble with algae in your pool? Is your water not sparkling clear? We can help! Bring a water sample in for a free analysis and we will help get your pool looking great.


Does your pool look more like a pond than a pool? We can help! Email pictures or call today to arrange a free estimate.

Tile & Coping

The options are endless> Glass tile, stone tile, decorative tiles will all change the look of your pool. There is a wide array of coping choices as well. With stone, brick, pavers, or custom coping, there is a choice and style for everyone's taste. 

Free In-Store Labor

We provide free in-store labor to repair your automatic pool cleaner or pump motor. Bring it in today.

Leak Detection & Repair

Is your pool losing water? A leak detection can be done to determine exactly where the leak is. We can repair the leak and stop the water loss.

Fully Stocked Retail Store

From chemicals to toys, we have it all. Come in today to see our wide selection of products.

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